Top Musicians Of All Time – Legends


Michael Jackson

Every genre of music has its king, someone who has been the best at that genre and for the Pop music the king was Michael Jackson without a doubt. There is no other pop musician that can compete with him. He has been creating music for a very long time but unfortunately, he has passed away in 2009. If you even listen to his music, you will realize yourself why he is the legend of pop music and why so many people love his work. He might not be here with us anymore, but he definitely made his mark in the history and will be remembered through his work forever.

The Beatles

If someone asks you who is your favorite rock band, the answer should always be the Beatles because they have created so many good songs. Of course, they have represented the old school rock and back in those days this type of music was just gaining popularity. The members of this rock band were a very influential act for the rock era and they created their legacy. If you haven’t heard about them, then the reason is definitely that you are too young. Just take some time of your day to listen to these legends and soon you will realize just why they are on this list of top musicians of all time.

Elvis Presley

When people talk about the King of music, they most likely are talking about the one true king Elvis Presley. He had many hit songs that were very popular because nobody did the type of music as Elvis. A lot of people would place him on number one spot, but we believe that the number three spot isn’t that bad at all. Unfortunately, like most young musicians of that time, he started abusing drugs. It was just a matter of time when he was going to make a mistake that will change the course of his career. In 1977 he died from a heart attack that was caused by an overdose. He is a musician who will be remembered always and forever because of the unique songs he produced.


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