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Top Musicians Of All Time – Legends


Michael Jackson Every genre of music has its king, someone who has been the best at that genre and for the Pop music the king was Michael Jackson without a doubt. There is no other pop musician that can compete with him. He has been creating music for a very long time but unfortunately, he […]


The Most Popular Musicians In 2018


Kanye West The official list of the most popular musicians in 2018 is quite long, so we decided to give you our top picks for this year. The number one most popular musician this year so far is the one and only Kanye West. There isn’t someone who hasn’t heard some of his music, he […]


Main Responsibilities Of A Professional Music Recruiter


Being a professional musical requires certain skill level whether it be a singing skill or some instrument skill. You cannot become a professional if you are not good at creating and performing music. To be a part of the music industry means that you will have to stand out from other upcoming musicians because only […]