Top Musicians Of All Time – Legends


Michael Jackson

Every genre of music has its king, someone who has been the best at that genre and for the Pop music the king was Michael Jackson without a doubt. There is no other pop musician that can compete with him. He has been creating music for a very long time but unfortunately, he has passed away in 2009. If you even listen to his music, you will realize yourself why he is the legend of pop music and why so many people love his work. He might not be here with us anymore, but he definitely made his mark in the history and will be remembered through his work forever.

The Beatles

If someone asks you who is your favorite rock band, the answer should always be the Beatles because they have created so many good songs. Of course, they have represented the old school rock and back in those days this type of music was just gaining popularity. The members of this rock band were a very influential act for the rock era and they created their legacy. If you haven’t heard about them, then the reason is definitely that you are too young. Just take some time of your day to listen to these legends and soon you will realize just why they are on this list of top musicians of all time.

Elvis Presley

When people talk about the King of music, they most likely are talking about the one true king Elvis Presley. He had many hit songs that were very popular because nobody did the type of music as Elvis. A lot of people would place him on number one spot, but we believe that the number three spot isn’t that bad at all. Unfortunately, like most young musicians of that time, he started abusing drugs. It was just a matter of time when he was going to make a mistake that will change the course of his career. In 1977 he died from a heart attack that was caused by an overdose. He is a musician who will be remembered always and forever because of the unique songs he produced.


The Most Popular Musicians In 2018


Kanye West

The official list of the most popular musicians in 2018 is quite long, so we decided to give you our top picks for this year. The number one most popular musician this year so far is the one and only Kanye West. There isn’t someone who hasn’t heard some of his music, he has been around for many years and surprisingly he is still on top and competing with some upcoming musicians. Although some people might say they don’t like the style of his music, the numbers are showing a different story. That is the exact reason why we think he deserves to be in the number one position.

Post Malone

If you are searching for something new and fresh, then you definitely need to listen to some Post Malone songs. This young musician has become famous in a very short time. A lot of people thought he was a one-hit wonder kid who will be forgotten fast, but he proved that he is actually a very talented musician. His songs are very popular for younger generations, we strongly suggest to everyone who hasn’t heard about him yet to give him a chance. We believe that because of his efforts and the quality of music that he is putting out he deserves to be the number two artists on this list.


Everyone knows about Drake and about his old school songs, but he has much more to offer and he proved that with the hit songs that were released in the past couple of years. What we like about Drake is the fact that he is unique and has his own style that makes him one of a kind and that is very appealing to the audience. He always has a deep message in his lyrics that need to be heard by the public. Making him the number three on this list was a hard choice because he could easily have taken the first position same as Post Malone. However, we think that this way is the best, this can, of course, change at any point and some other artist might climb to the top.


Main Responsibilities Of A Professional Music Recruiter


Being a professional musical requires certain skill level whether it be a singing skill or some instrument skill. You cannot become a professional if you are not good at creating and performing music. To be a part of the music industry means that you will have to stand out from other upcoming musicians because only the best ones will become famous on a global level. One of the first things that a musician needs to achieve is to perform in front of a professional music recruiter. If you don’t know anything about music recruiters, don’t worry we are here to help you out by explaining everything about this position. In case you want to become a musician, then knowing about recruiters is essential because they will play a key role in your career.

So, let’s start by explaining who they are and what is their job actually. They are people with a lot of music related experience and they have a lot of influence. Their job is quite simple to understand and even you might be able to figure it out just from the title of their job. They are here to recruit new musicians who are very talented and need some professional guidance and help to get to the top.

Discovering Unique Talents

The biggest part of their job is to discover new people with unique talents in the field of music. They don’t have to be singers necessarily, they can also be extremely good at some instrument also. The music industry is huge and there are all kinds of job opportunities open at all times that are waiting for the right person to come by. These recruiters have the goal to fill up these job opportunities with the people who best fit the requirements. As mentioned previously, in order for a musician to become globally popular he/she needs to be discovered by one music recruiter. Some of the most popular musicians that you are listening to have been discovered this way and they wouldn’t be this popular without the professional help of these recruiters.