Learning to Beat Match When DJing

Beat matching is at the core of what every human who wishes to learn to DJ, needs to learn. You have to study up on it first, before you can add in all of the fancy bits that make a great DJ, great. It’s not easy to do it properly. Your first goal is to do it well enough that all of the dogs in the neighborhood won’t join in with their own version. Practice, and practice some more, and you’ll get into it.
Beat matching is crucial to a DJ. It is the task that takes two different songs or music tracks and makes them play at the same tempo. DJs have to match up the tempos as they scratch and mix, or else people will simply quit dancing out of frustration. There has to be a beat, or else you can’t dance.

You’ll need some equipment, but rent it first. Here’s a list of some of the best headphones for djing. Buying could get expensive and no one will want to lend you any of theirs because they are all busy being a DJ, and naturally, they need it. If you can’t rent anything then consider just buying some basics to get you going. After you make all that money, as you know you will, then you can add more or upgrade.

If you plan on being one of the “old-school” types of DJs who use vinyl records, then you’ll need: 2 turntables, 1 mixer, 2 SlipMats, 1 pair of headphones, a pair of needles and cartridges for the turntable (they are usually included with new ones), and something to make your tunes louder (stereo, speakers, amplifier). Find the best mixers for djs in this review. If you don’t have the latter then everyone will be cupping their ears and yelling out “What?”

Turntables are where you can splurge, and always buy them first. Use the rest of your money for your other equipment. It may be cobbled together but turntables are the heart of a DJ’s business. Upgrade your mixer or get a newer one if you need to, next. If you’re lucky enough to be able to start right off with some new equipment, then you’ll be ahead of the game, and you’ll also make fellow DJs jealous.

With friendly neighbors buttered up by purchased chocolate cupcakes, and a few good albums under your arm, start your engines and sit down to learn how to create that wonderful mix. Put a record on each turntable and turn the pitch to zero. Both records will play at the same tempo. Channel faders are up and set the cross fader to the middle. Set the needle down onto one record and using your finger, spin it backwards. Now you look like a real DJ.

You are on the right track to starting on your learn to DJ road to discovery. Hopefully these basic first tips will pique your interest and get those musical notes flowing though your blood. Let them roll over your body as you pick up more knowledge about the DJ business. All you need now is a van painted like a flower garden, and a few bookings, and you’ll do all right. You can also check the best DJ turntables at FinalScratch.com